Blockchain Trailblazers 2020 – Shortlist

We have a bumper number of entries to the Tech Trailblazers Awards this year. 2020 has seen a considerable uptick since last year, an increase of over 50%, demonstrating that even more startups in the enterprise tech space are continuing to take positive steps to gain the recognition from awards in order to stand out from the crowd when it comes to seeking investment, clients, and potential acquirers.

The Blockchain Trailblazers is open to blockchain startups that offer innovative enterprise solutions to companies based anywhere around the world. Although blockchain is primarily associated with digital currencies like Bitcoin, the technology has other uses such as data security. Innovations can cover things such as how to implement the encryption or decentralisation of the data, or new areas it can be applied to, such as health care or supply chains.

Congratulations to this year’s shortlist for the Blockchain category:

  • Cognitochain – Cognitochain is an open blockchain based platform for Microfinance Institutions which will automate credit application, approval, payments and provide digital identity and AI based credit scoring services for borrowers. Website Twitter LinkedIn
  • Coinpass – Coinpass is a UK-based cryptocurrency exchange platform, founded to solve the demand for fast, reliable, professional and high-quality financial service products for crypto-to-fiat trading. Website Twitter LinkedIn
  • Dawex – Dawex allows organizations to orchestrate data circulation by sourcing and exchanging data securely and in full compliance with regulations. Website Twitter LinkedIn
  • DLT Labs – DLT Labs develops and delivers enterprise blockchain technologies and solutions, as well as pioneers the creation and implementation of standards for application development. Website Twitter LinkedIn
  • Unikname – Unikname Connect is a privacy-by-design and European authentication solution – an alternative to Facebook or Google connect. Website Twitter LinkedIn

The category is one of the newest to be added to the Tech Trailblazers Awards, having only been run in 2017 and 2019. Given the short time-frame, none of the previous winners or runners-up have been acquired yet. However, NS1 has raised $73 million and Gospel Technology has obtained £6.4m funding since entering the Awards.

Now we’re onto the second round of judging and the voting stage of the Awards. The public vote is now open, vote here now! Voting closes on Thursday 3rd December and the winners will be announced on Tuesday 8th December.

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