“The State of Startups” podcast: The Tech Trailblazers


In the dynamic landscape of B2B Tech startups, industry analysts play a crucial role in shaping success. In this episode of “The State of Startups,” hosts Robin Schaffer and Chris Holscher chatted with Rose Ross, the founder of the Tech Trailblazer Awards and an accomplished PR expert in the UK. Rose shared valuable insights into the unique award program and emphasized the importance of optimising the relationship between startups and industry analysts. In this episode, the discussion delves into the details of the Tech Trailblazers Awards and highlight the significance of this recognition for Enterprise Tech startups.

The Tech Trailblazers Awards: Paving the Way for Innovation:

The Tech Trailblazers Awards is an esteemed program that celebrates the accomplishments of Enterprise Tech startups. With a strong focus on Enterprise Tech, the awards provide a platform for startups to gain recognition and stand out in a highly competitive market. Unlike other awards that predominantly cater to consumer Tech or specific sectors, the Tech Trailblazers Awards create a level playing field for startups competing against similar companies. By addressing this gap in the industry, the awards foster fair competition and give lesser-known startups a chance to shine.

Origins and Evolution:

The inception of the Tech Trailblazers Awards can be traced back to a campaign idea that emerged while Rose Ross’s PR company was working on an exhibition in London. The concept of a startup zone with an award program gained momentum, and Rose collaborated with industry experts to develop the idea further. With the support of notable judges, including Joe Bagley, CTO EMEA for VMware, the Tech Trailblazers Awards became a reality. Renamed from the Global Innovation Awards to Tech Trailblazers, the program embraced its focus on trailblazing startups in the Tech industry. Since its launch, the awards have gained traction and continue to attract a growing number of startups eager to participate.

Building Momentum:

Over the years, the Tech Trailblazers Awards have garnered immense support from the PR community. Despite being run by a PR company, the program has earned the trust and participation of startups and PR professionals alike. This endorsement from industry experts contributes to the credibility of the awards and underscores their value for startups. In the previous year, the Tech Trailblazers Awards received around 250-300 entries, a testament to their growing popularity and relevance. With an increasing number of startups vying for recognition, the awards serve as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the Enterprise Tech space.

Entering the Tech Trailblazers Awards:

For startups aspiring to participate in the Tech Trailblazers Awards, the process is straightforward and accessible. The entry period typically begins in early July and lasts until 21st August. Startups can visit the Tech Trailblazers Awards website to learn more about the categories and submit their applications before the deadline. The program offers different categories for Enterprise Tech, allowing startups to showcase their unique contributions to the industry. It is advisable to apply early to maximize the time available for preparation and ensure the submission of the best possible application.

Qualifications and Categories:

To be eligible for the Tech Trailblazers Awards, startups must be in their sixth year or younger. Additionally, they need to be privately funded, with funding beyond Series C considered too mature for the program. However, startups that are still in their early stages and haven’t received significant VC funding can participate through the Fire Starter category, which is free of charge. In addition to the main Tech categories, the Tech Trailblazers Awards introduced other categories to recognize outstanding individuals and support diversity and investment in startups. These categories include Female and Male Trailblazer, Diversity in Tech and Investment Trailblazer.

Podcast highlights:

Industry analysts, Robin Schaffer and Chris Holscher  and our Chief Trailblazer and PR expert Rose Ross discuss the importance of optimizing relationships between startups and analysts, and the benefits of AR and PR working together. Rose also talks about the Tech Trailblazers Awards for Enterprise Tech startups.

✦ Tech Trailblazers Awards for Enterprise Tech startups (00:00)

The Tech Awards has opened entries for startups that are six years old or younger. (06:11)

TechTrailblazers supports startups in Enterprise Tech (12:04)

Connecting PR and analyst relations can lead to streamlined staff and great insights. (17:31)

Startups benefit from analyst feedback due to their agility and ability to pivot. (22:19)

Collaboration between PR and AR is crucial for crafting effective press releases. (27:03)

Recommendations for industry analyst podcasts (32:10)

AR helps startups build strong relationships with industry analysts (37:27)

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To learn more about the Tech Trailblazer Awards 2023, visit https://techtrailblazers.com/.