The Future For Startups: What Do The Next 10 Years Hold?

Launching a startup company is always a challenge and the landscape is often very competitive, but what can new firms expect over the next 10 years as technology evolves. As priorities and external factors change, workplace cultures and structures do so in turn. What new ways of working might we see? New methodologies? An increased pressure to fulfil corporate social responsibility goals?

Certainly one of the key assets of any firm is its staff. A CEO in ten years’ time might have a very different view on what they require. The pandemic has shown that remote working is possible, so talent could sourced from anywhere in the world. As senior management prioritise diversity, equality, and inclusion in their hiring strategies today, what might we expect to see in 2030’s tech startups?

At Tech Trailblazers we decided to use the vast and wide-ranging experience of our judges to find out what their predictions for the next decade of startup companies are.

Dave Cartwright, Head of IT Security, Standard Bank Wealth International, thinks that some current technology will become ubiquitous. “I wonder whether there will be any startups in 10 years’ time that call themselves ‘AI’ or ‘ML’; my feeling is that artificial intelligence and machine learning will simply be part of the normal approach to software development, so it just won’t be a thing any more,” he predicts.

The world of finance for startups is also due to change, so thinks Gerald Brady, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank. “It’s also not just the entrepreneurs, but it’s also the investors that need to be representative. So I do think we’re clearly seeing much more focus in terms of the funds themselves diversifying their investors. The limited partners in funds are also expecting/demanding more diversity, and putting money into more diverse funds, and targeting those funds.”

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