#TechOnFire: Last minute learnings from our GigaOm judges 

In the last week, we’ve brought you two roundups of enlightening podcast discussions – both from our #JudgesOnFire and #FoundersOnFire podcast series.

On the day before entries close, here’s a collection of insight from the #TechOnFire podcast series with GigaOm Research analysts – who are also new to the judging panel. Some last minute inspiration for all you trailblazing hopefuls!

  • Michael Azoff – In our latest #TechOnFire podcast, Michael gives an insightful explanation as to the difference between the terms artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Other topics include how quantum computers could change the encryption landscape and how we will see new hardware accelerate the ability to process data whilst still secure using fully homomorphic encryption.
  • Chris Grundemann – This one’s all about networking, including how things such as digital transformation due to COVID has driven things. We also talk about the last 10 years of networking and how things have changed over time, and look to the future. We consider how the spread of AI and security will affect networking, and how automated tools will come to the rescue of network managers, not to take their jobs.
  • Jon Collins – As GigaOm’s DevOps specialist, Jon comes from the background of programming. We quiz him on all things DevOps in the last decade, and look towards trends in the next 10 years too. Topics include the spread of GitOps, and how startups have their role to play in providing solutions for the future. Plus, find out about mental health and wellbeing in IT and how firms only pay lip service to new development paradigms like Agile, but just secretly go producing products in the same old way.
  • Logan Andrew Green – Our first #TechOnFire podcast kicked off with IoT specialist Logan. Chief Trailblazer Rose Ross quizzes him on the state of IoT and what the future holds for a technology area which is, according to Logan, at the point where it’s started picking up. As well as discussing how the next 10 years might play out, Logan also covers how 5G will mature and the potential challenges ahead. Plus, find out which countries are seeing the most IoT action, and (spoiler!) – the list doesn’t place America at the top.
  • Enrico Signoretti – In a fascinating conversation, Enrico shares his life story, including how his career path changed after starting a blog. He also talks about how storage has changed in the last decade, to move beyond primary/secondary storage to a new way of viewing of data. Listen to discover his predictions for the next 10 years, including quantum computing, how the chip shortage could be an opportunity, and how startups will change.

Key information: Extended deadline – 22nd September at 23:59pm Pacific Time. 

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