Tech Trailblazers launches the Hopper, Kesavan and Turing Cups rewarding regional innovation

The Tech Trailblazers Awards has launched three new regional awards spanning The Americas, Asia Pacific, and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). 

Recognizing a famous enterprise technology icon and their lasting impact, these new awards are: 

  • The Hopper Cup (for The Americas) – paying tribute to American computer scientist and US Navy rear admiral, Grace Hopper
  • The Kesavan Cup (for Asia Pacific) – recognizing the work of H. K. Kesavan, Indian engineer and technologist who blazed a trail in formal Computer Science education at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
  • The Turing Cup (for EMEA) – in a nod to Alan Turing, British mathematician and computer scientist, considered the father of cryptography

When a startup or company within the wider enterprise tech startup ecosystem enters in any Tech Trailblazers category, they will automatically be entered into the cup for their region – at no extra cost. The winner in each region will be determined by the highest number of public votes.

Rose Ross, Founder and Chief Trailblazer of The Tech Trailblazers Awards, said: “As an independent global awards platform, we want to hear from startups and organizations from all over the world – and cannot wait to uncover more in our 10th edition. 

“Celebrating the Tech Trailblazers’ global view of startup innovation, Hopper, Kesavan and Turing represent technological pioneers of the past – the cups named after them recognize each winner as a leading force of innovation and expertise for the present and the future in their respective geographies. Both Hopper and Turing are global icons for their contributions to technology, while you could say that Kesavan is a bit of an unsung hero (much like our Firestarters!) whose work is worthy of a spotlight in the tech hall of fame.

“As the deadline of 10th September nears, we wish our entrants from across the globe the best of luck in the 2021 Tech Trailblazers Awards.”

Tech Trailblazers Awards’ category winners and runners-up in the are determined by a global judging panel, combined with a public vote. Entrants are assessed in the following areas: agility, diversity, leadership, go-to-market strategy, innovation, and demand for technology.

Key dates for your diary: Entries close on September 10th at 23:59pm Pacific Time.

For more information, visit, follow @techtrailblaze, or listen to the #OnFire podcasts.