Tech Trailblazers’ invaluable advice for startups

Coming up with an innovative idea and driving forward with it to create a company is no small task. So here at Tech Trailblazers we’ve distilled some expertise to help you make good decisions and avoid making mistakes.

Don’t do that, do this!

If you’re worried about the best way to run your new company, or how to raise funds , or even organise investment when it arrives, then we have a range of articles to give you the assistance you need to keep your startup on track.

How to successfully manage your startup’s finances

Soldo is a firm that specializes in automating and organizing company spend. Darren Upson, VP Small Business Europe, talks about the best way to handle your finances. For example:

Don’t procrastinate on financial planning.
Do make sure you set a clear budget.

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Discover the core values to build your startup around

Panintelligence, a tech scale-up, specializes in business intelligence software and analytics. Zandra Moore, CEO, talks about the core ideals that you need to build your company around. For example:

Don’t get greedy.
Do build a great company culture.

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Crowdfund your way to success

Eureeca’s co-founder and co-CEO, Sam Quawasmi, believes that equity-based crowdfunding represents an attractive opportunity for many start-up and mid-early stage companies who are looking to raise capital. For example:

Don’t ignore your investors once you have raised your capital.
Do be clear about what you want to raise the equity for.

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The vital skill of attracting investment

Zeal Investments’s Director, James Oakes, believes that success is an individual thing, meaning different things to different businesses. However, to get off the ground you need a solid combination of practical guidance and financial assistance. For example:

Don’t choose an investor based on money alone.
Do focus on your users.

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A guide to early-stage funding

Buzzacott LLP is an accounting firm, so it’s no surprise that Simon Wax, a Partner at the firm, is in an ideal position to talk about funding. He warns how the first years of a tech company’s life are the most exciting but also the most precarious. Avoid the early mistakes because they can be the most costly. For example:

Don’t devote all of your energy to answering valueless demands.
Do read the small print.

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