Tech Trailblazers gains an Editor

by Jon Howell, Editor-in-Chief, Tech Trailblazers

Hi there! Let me welcome you to a new era for the Tech Trailblazers Awards. My name is Jon Howell and I’ve joined to team as Editor-in-Chief in order to provide a steady stream of content which will complement and support the Awards.

My goal is to provide informative  pieces which will help startup firms in their quest for success. To that end, there will be several kinds of article making a regular appearance:

  • Advice – as someone almost said, “starting up is hard to do”. So we’ll be featuring handy tips from those in the know, to help guide firms on the road to success (whatever that might actually end up meaning, acquisition doesn’t always have to be the goal).
  • Judges – the quality of the Tech Trailblazers Awards lies in its panel of judges. Here we’ll get to know them a little better and also garner some guidance to encourage potential entrants to the awards and assist them in formulating their entries.
  • Previous Winners – there’s nothing like learning from the best and we’ll be featuring past winners  and notable runners-up. We’ll find out what makes them tick, what’s happened to them since their win, and the key to  their success.
  • News – we’ll also bring you the stories that matter most; research, acquisitions, grants, opportunities, and whatever else a startup might be interested in reading. Maybe we will feature you. Get in touch if you have an exciting startup story that you’d like to share.

So here’s to the 2018 Tech Trailblazers Awards. May it be an exciting journey for us all. Don’t be shy. If you want to say something then email me and let me know all about it: