Tech Trailblazers Awards – Winners 2019

The winners of the 2019 Tech Trailblazers Awards were announced today, recognising outstanding early-stage companies across 10 major enterprise technology categories alongside three additional special categories.

For the third year running, the Security category attracted most entries, having first overtaken the Cloud category in 2017. And, for the first time, judges were unable to split two nominees, choosing instead to name joint winners in the Female Tech Trailblazer of the Year category. Geographically, an increasingly clear majority of winners are founded and/or based in the USA.

The complete list of Eighth Edition winners:


Balbix –, @balbixinc, USA

Big Data:

Confluent –, @ConfluentInc, USA


Gospel Technology –, @gospel_tech, UK


Apstra –, @ApstraInc, USA


Portworx –, @portwx, USA


BitBox –, @bitboxusa, USA


Divido –, @divido, UK


Valyant AI –, @ValyantAI, USA


ShiftLeft –, @ShiftLeftInc, USA


LucidLink –, @Lucid_Link, USA

Firestarter Award:

HighByte –, @HighByteInc, USA

Female Tech Trailblazers of the Year:

Neena Dasgupta, CEO of Zirca Digital,, India, @ndasgupta; and
Neha Sampat, founder and CEO of Contentstack,, USA, @nehasf

Male Tech Trailblazer of the Year:

Cody Cornell, co-founder and CEO, Swimlane,, USA, @codycornell

Visit for more details of the winners and runners-up in each category.

First time joint winners

Rose Ross, founder of the Tech Trailblazers Awards, said: “Given the maturity of some categories, it’s fantastic to see that award-winning innovation continues in every category. A highlight is that judges named joint winners in a category for the first time. We congratulate all the winners both on their trailblazing and on their efforts to bring these innovations to market.”

The Tech Trailblazers Awards was the first independent awards program dedicated to enterprise information technology startups. Every year since 2012, it has identified the most innovative entrants and concepts in enterprise technology: startups are invited to nominate themselves, with shortlists for each category chosen by the Tech Trailblazers Awards’ panel of leading IT industry experts. Winners are identified by a combination of judging panel opinions and public vote.

Trailblazing sponsors

The Tech Trailblazers Awards is supported by sponsors and industry partners including AfriLabs, Amoo Venture Capital Advisory, beSUCCESS, bnetTV, BigDataStartups, China AXLR8R, the Cloud Security Alliance, Computing, ExecEvent, GFT, GoMoNews, The Green Grid, GSMA, The Icehouse, Innovation Warehouse, Internet of Things Events, IP EXPO Europe, Launchpad Europe, L’Informaticien, Lissted, MIT/Stanford Venture Lab, The Next Silicon Valley, Outsource, Prezi, The Register, Silicon Cape Initiative, Skolkovo, StarTau, Startup America, Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), Tech in Asia, TechNode, TiE Silicon Valley, Wazoku, Ventureburn and VMware.