Tech Trailblazers Awards 2022 Winners – the latest news

At the Tech Trailblazers Awards we are proud of our winners and their achievements, not least in their accomplishment of being the best in their category. There has been significant progress since our 2022 winners were announced on 1 December 2022. Here’s a quick roundup:

New funding

Often our winners find that they go on to secure more funding, especially once they have the accolade of a Tech Trailblazers Award to brandish on their website. Since winning, three firms have gone on to successfully raise capital for their startup. In chronological order:

  • Memfault – $24m in a Series B round, 24 January 2023.
  • Zetta Genomics – £1.9m (just under $2.35m) in a Seed Round, 17 April 2023.
  • LandGate – $5.5m in a Venture Round, 26 April 2023.

New growth

Startups can find themselves trapped between wanting to keep details under wraps versus publicising their success. Two firms from our 2022 winners released statements about how well they had performed and reported compelling growth figures.

  • 13 December 2022 saw Zenarate, provider of AI simulation training, announce it had more than doubled its customer base in 2022. Customers including: eight of the top ten banks, three of the top five healthcare providers, and three of the top four telecommunications companies.
  • 10 January 2023 saw Selector, provider of network-aware AIOps and analytics for multi-cloud, reporting a fifteen times year-over-year increase in ARR, 51 new Selectors, and multi-million dollar sales.

New products

Three of our winning startups have recently launched new products or a new version of their products.

  • Rafay Systems introduced its new Environment Manager on 20 March 2023. The solution aims to empower enterprise platform teams to improve the developer experience by delivering self-service capabilities for provisioning full-stack environments, promising to provide seamless collaboration between platform teams and developers.
  • Noname Security revealed major enhancements to its API security platform on 29 March 2023. The API aims to help organizations protect their API ecosystem, secure their applications, and increase cyber resilience. New capabilities include: enhanced API discovery, posture management, runtime protection, pre-production testing, and deployment.
  • Isovalent announced its Isovalent Enterprise for Cilium 1.13 on 10 May 2023. the version aims to simplify many tasks, including: making Telco network connections using SRv6 L3VPN, support for FQDN in ingress streamlines network policy management, Cluster Mesh improvements, it also takes fewer operational steps to achieve global load-balancing across meshed clusters.

It’s always gratifying to see our winners go on to further success after being victorious in the Tech Trailblazers Awards. The experience of distilling your offering to impress a panel of judges will help you gain the recognition of being a leader in your field, which is the kind of thing that can really help prepare you for those funding conversations you might need in the future.

For more incentives to why entering the Tech Trailblazers Awards is worth your attention: “Six reasons to enter the Tech Trailblazers Awards”

The Tech Trailblazers Awards 2023 opened for entries on 27th June 2023 and until 31st July 2023 there are early bird discounts available.