Revised awards entry criteria announced to reflect difficulties of Covid-19

It’s safe to say that 2020 was one of the most challenging years the entire world has faced in some time. Financially and practically life-changing for individuals and enterprises, Coronavirus pressed the pause button on plans and ambitions for the year, some even say it ‘cancelled’ 2020.

Enterprise technology and the global startup scene were naturally impacted – with some startups considered a risky option for investors during a period of financial uncertainty and others almost a sure bet considering the acceleration given to digital transformation, and the changes that widespread working from home has caused in remote access as well as the heightened need for cyber security tools.

While the world is getting back on its feet and learning to live with some uncertainty, it’s not completely back to normal yet. This is why we wanted to extend a hand to our potential entrants from anywhere in the world who may have been negatively impacted by Covid-19.

The good news

In light of the difficulties caused by the pandemic, we’ve decided to meet the demand for a criteria change in the Tech Trailblazers Awards. 

For 2021, we’re extending the age limit of our startup entrants – from what was previously six years old to seven years old. 

So, the awards are now open to enterprise technology startups that are under seven years old (based on the time the company was founded) and privately funded or at C-series funding or below. 

And we’re of course applying this rule to the Firestarter category as well – so it is now open to non-VC-backed startups up to three years old (previously two) – based on when the company was founded.

We hope to see the global startup ecosystem back stronger than ever, and look forward to welcoming new entrants to the awards platform. 

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Key dates for your diary:

  • Early Bird deadline is August 4th
  • Entries close on September 10th at 23:59pm Pacific Time. 

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