New threat on the block says cybersecurity report

Maybe it should come as no surprise but the impact of COVID-19 is the number one trend in the world of information security, according to a recent report carried out by Infosecurity Magazine.

The research, polled 75 security professionals representing three distinct verticals; 25 from academia, 25 in the investor space and 25 either advising on security or implementing, using, and selling solutions. The result was that 30% of respondents said COVID-19 is a major trend impacting information security, closely followed in second and third by Cloud and AI. This mimics the way that GDPR managed to top the list two years ago in the first State of Cybersecurity Report.

Our Tech Trailblazers founder, Rose Ross, was quoted in the report and talked about the effects that the pandemic will cause. “The proliferation of remote working has brought with it some new security challenges. For example, how do you manage an environment when you aren’t physically in the office yourself? What is the best way to manage a team remotely? What has happened to the edge of your network?,” she said.

Rose also talked about how ventures capitalists have stepped up to respond to the crisis by actively working with their portfolio companies. For example, C5 Capital has created the Cyber Alliance to Defend our Healthcare to better secure European healthcare organizations during these challenging times. The initiative promises to bring together resources and experts who can advise and recommend solutions to counter the unprecedented number of attacks on our healthcare systems, healthcare providers, and laboratories by malicious cyber actors.

To find out which other issues are concerning security professionals then check out the whole list (a total of 34 security trends) in the Infosecurity Magazine State of Cybersecurity Report 2020.