New Sustainable Tech Trailblazers Category Marks #EarthDay2022

Sustainable IT logo 2022

Tech Trailblazers Awards recognise Sustainability Enterprise Technology Startup Champions around the World with relaunched Sustainable Tech category

To mark EarthDay2022 the Tech Trailblazers Awards will be welcoming entries from enterprise IT startups that help companies or data centres save money while saving the planet. The Awards open to entries from 27th June until 11.59pm PT on 31st August 2022. 

The Sustainable Tech Trailblazers category is open to all privately funded or VC backed (Series C or earlier) private companies under seven years old. It is open to product and services startups, based anywhere around the world, offering innovative tech solutions to enterprises.

Sustainable technology is an re-emerging category within the enterprise startup world that describes innovation that considers natural resources and fosters economic and social development. The goal is to drastically reduce environmental and ecological risks and to create a sustainable product. Buzzwords of what may be considered hot and innovative include the likes of: energy management, energy efficiency, carbon neutral, cost reduction, cost avoidance, net zero, energy, carbon, water, green IT, green ICT, application efficiency, software efficiency and holistic infrastructure management. 

It is forecast that businesses will invest $877 billion in sustainability technology in 2022. That figure will continue to rise year on year. If you have developed technology in this field, all innovative products and services from companies that meet the criteria will be considered. 

Rose Ross, founder and Chief Trailblazer of the awards commented: “Meeting the sustainability challenges of the future requires new thinking and that new way of looking at the problems we face is where many startups exhibit their superpowers. So in recognition of these innovative technologies, as well as the importance of finding these solutions, we are resurrecting the Sustainability Trailblazers award.”

The judging panel includes leading figures in the IT industry from around the world, giving little-known and more known startups alike the opportunity to have their products and services reviewed by eminent influencers. New judges for the categories will be announced shortly. More information on the Awards, how to enter, newsletter subscription for updates and sponsorship opportunities,can be found at or follow the Tech Trailblazers Awards on Twitter @techtrailblaze, #TTAwards or on LinkedIn at