New resources portal aids IT professionals through COVID-19 crisis

In order to help IT professionals, Tech Trailblazers is proud to announce that today we’ve launched Tech Trailblazers Resources ( where we have collated information about free tools and offers from around the web which can be useful for professionals across all areas of IT.

Taking initiative

The sudden lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic saw an almost instantaneous migration to home working, including many whom had never relied on it before. Overnight we had road-warriors turning into couch-warriors, and everyone’s internet connection began to be tested with video calls and online collaborative working, not just streaming Netflix or Disney+. A workforce suddenly discovered the limitations of the typical upload speeds of a consumer broadband connection.

Inspired by other initiatives which have focused on specific sectors of IT, such as CybersecurityCares and the COVID-19 list from Omdia, Tech Trailblazers Resources aims to act as a central repository across enterprise tech. Whether you are worried about securing a whole new batch of endpoints for your networking, needing new VPN tools for your remote-working staff, or protection against the new waves of phishing attacks that have appeared during the pandemic, we have a solution for you.

There is so much being done across the IT industry in silos of knowledge. We wanted to play our small part and help bring it all together in one place.
Rose Ross, Tech Trailblazers founder

To bring this to fruition, we are reaching out to our Awards alumni ( as well as inviting other enterprise tech startups as well as larger firms, and scouring the internet for useful resources. Some of them are permanently-free tools whilst others are time-limited offers, giving you the chance to try out for yourself services that you might have previously been curious to learn more about.

Rose Ross, Chief Trailblazer, hopes this can be a valuable resource, not only in this time of crisis but potentially for the future too. “There is so much being done across the IT industry in silos of knowledge,” she says. “We wanted to play our small part and help bring it all together in one place.”

More, more, more

If you know of a resource that we’ve not featured, or you’re a company that has an offer to share, then please get in touch and let us know at ( It’s heartening to see, in these most difficult of times, the industry stepping up to help IT professionals in their hour of need. With all the new potential problems that home-working has brought up, it’s serendipitous that there are so many free tools and trials that can help individuals and firms cope with the new challenges.

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