Judging Criteria

Below is the criteria on which the judges are asked to base their scores on. Please bear this in mind when completing your entry. Good luck! 

The problem

Has the company demonstrated that there is a real problem that its solution addresses? (0-10)


Has the company clearly identified the customer segment that its solution addresses?

The solution

Is the solution innovative and differentiated?

Market readiness

Is the solution ready for the market?


Is the solution a good fit for the selected segment and problem?


Does the entrant understand the competitive landscape and how it will address competitive pressures?

Market Execution

Has the entrant understood the size of the market and how it will generate revenues from its offer?

Intellectual Property

Has the entrant demonstrated significant IP in the offer that will lock in value and disrupt competition?

Customer Acceptance

Has the entrant demonstrated evidence of customer acceptance?

Expert View

Thinking as an industry expert, is this a business proposition that is likely to be successful in its chosen market?