Judge – Steve Broadhead (part 2)

Last time we learnt about Steve’s past, now it’s time to pick his brains about what makes for a good entry and why you should enter the Tech Trailblazer Awards.

What do you look for in an entry?

A vendor that is genuinely trying to do something new and different AND valuable – i.e. not a solution seeking a problem, or the same old same old with a new title.

Has there been a previous entry which stands-out and, if so, why did they stand out?

Without naming names, there have been several; a primary positive is a technology that has appeal in multiple markets, not just the home-town one.

Do you have any advice for a company entering the Awards?

Be concise and totally clear about what it is you are entering. Too many entries leave you thinking: “what exactly do these guys do?” So, no marketing BS, just say it as it is.

What words of encouragement would you give to a company which is weighing up whether to enter the Awards?

Visibility is everything, whether you’re looking for investment, customers…

Do you have any advice in general for startup companies, trying to survive in the current economic climate?

Have a product or service which genuinely solves a problem and is easy for a customer to a) get their head around and b) deploy. Minimise the sales/eval cycle and installation cost/time.

Did you have a mentor who helped you in your early days? And was there one piece of advice that you got from them that you could share?

I came into IT with a “greenfield site” approach and, while noting the knowledge, views and opinions of others, have stuck to my guns in terms of what I believe.

With diversity in the world of IT, could you think of one thing that the world could change to make a difference and improve matters?

Yes – give the existing Internet to the kids and start over again with a business-grade replacement!

What fantastic invention will the future bring?

Hopefully a device that enables you to auto-repark cars in limited parking spaces – e.g. roadside – where they all leave too much space between each other than is necessary, but not enough to fit your car into!