IoT startups get a helping hand from Sensry

Startups who are considering launching into the IoT space, or are possibly already there, can now take advantage of an offer from Sensry which will provide a package worth €2000 ($2250) of IoT sensors as part of its startup development program.

The application process, which has a €119 (incl. VAT) registration fee, is open until the end of July and the goal is to try to take the hardware headache out of producing an IoT product. Qualifying startups will receive one full-feature Sensry Kallisto, delivered immediately after being accepted in to the program. You will then have the option to order nine additional sensor nodes with three potential different configurations, which the company says will offer perfect integration to most use cases.

To accelerate and beyond

Sensry is aiming to help IoT startups accelerate their concept ideas and take them through to production. The firm is promising individual support from a development expert as well as two orientation webinars for general setup and advanced operation of the Sensry Kallisto platform.

For those up to speed on the technical aspects of IoT development, Sensry’s platform is based on GlobalFoundries 22FDX technology which employs 22nm Fully-Depleted Silicon-On-Insulator (FD-SOI) technology that promises to deliver outstanding performance at extremely low power with the ability to operate at 0.4V ultra low power and at 1 pico amp per micron for ultra low standby leakage. GlobalFoundries says that for applications such as 5G mmWave and NB-IoT, “22FDX enables a level of integration while maintaining power efficiency that is not achievable in bulk CMOS, resulting in up to a 50% system BoM cost savings”.

For those who are thinking of getting into IoT, Sensry’s platform aims to provide a highly-integrated, low-power, low-cost sensor system that should allow rapid prototyping, but then scale up to production with minimal fuss or cost. “We help you prioritize developing your IoT application, not worrying about the hardware,” says the firm. “Plus you get to develop your application on a scalable platform from the very beginning.”

Apply here

If you hurry then startups who apply before the end of June will receive an additional five nodes on their sensors. 

For full details and to apply go to Sensry’s IoT Startup Development Program.