How to do analyst relations like a boss: Be part of ‘The State of Startups with Industry Analysts’ survey

For large enterprise tech vendors, industry analysts are consistently named as top influencers of their strategies and buying decisions. But what about startups in the field? How do startups level that playing field? 

  • Are they aware of how intensely their larger B2B counterparts are working with industry analysts? 
  • How can they achieve success by leveraging analyst relations (AR)? 
  • Finally, what are the key patterns for success, and the challenges they come up against?

These vital questions will be answered by a new, comprehensive survey of the enterprise tech startup ecosystem, The State of Startups with Industry Analysts report, providing insights into how analyst relations is a huge untapped resource for startups. The study is spearheaded by The University of Edinburgh’s Business School and AR experts Chris Holscher and Robin Schaffer. They’re looking for input from enterprise tech startups just like you

The #SSIAsurvey is a first-of-its-kind study offering insights from the entire ecosystem – with startups, scaleups, investors and industry analysts weighing in to provide a 360° view on the topic. 

The result? Actionable insights and guidance for startup success. 

Taking part in the survey is a valuable experience for any B2B tech startup – it’s your chance to inform new global research, benefit from expert guidance before the report is released, and even open up the right doors for your business. 

Anyone who completes the survey is invited to join a valuable webinar full of insights and advice to help them make better, more informed decisions. 

Further details about the survey can be found on the University of Edinburgh Business School’s site.  

If you want to hit the ground running with a new analyst relations strategy in 2022, spending 10 minutes completing the #SSIAsurvey could be your next best move.