Four new categories for 2018 Tech Trailblazers Awards

by Jon Howell , Editor-in-Chief, Tech Trailblazers

This year sees not one, not two, not even three, but four new awards added to Tech Trailblazers. In order to keep up with the fast-moving pace of technology this year sees the introduction of containers as a new tech category. There are also three more awards which aim to reward those who go the extra mile for their startup.

So, without more of ado, let’s learn more about them:

Containers Trailblazers Award

Predictions from 451 Group say that container spending will reach $1.6B in 2018 with a 31% compound annual growth rate through 2022. Everyone has heard of Docker and Kubernetes – but who are the other hottest players in the fast-evolving container stack? This category will seek to recognize the early-stage companies who are delivering next-generation application infrastructure that will help containers evolve from developer laptops to full-scale enterprise production success stories.

Developer Trailblazers Award

Software is taking over the world and every company is a software company in some form or other these days – whatever your favourite cliché, the bottom line is that developers rule the world. This new category recognizes the most innovative companies which are arming developers and giving them the tools for success.

Industry Trailblazers Award

The world of tech start-ups wouldn’t survive without those from outside who invest time, effort, and money to make new-born businesses a success. Our industry trailblazer will be the best at helping start-ups whilst not being part of one. He or she will be a believer in talent who supports the tech start-up ecosystem, maybe financially or by offering advice or contacts. Perhaps someone from a venture capital group, or bank, or government department.

Startup Trailblazers Award

Start-ups can be demanding places to work and we’re looking for an individual who, whilst not at the CxO level, goes above and beyond for their company. Do you know someone who’s vital in supporting and driving your start-up forward, whether through technical excellence, motivational management, or inventive thinking, by showing resourcefulness, determination, and the ability to go that extra mile.


With these new categories, the 2018 Tech Trailblazer Awards are shaping up to be the biggest yet, offering more chances than ever before to gain recognition for all your hard work and allow you to bask in the admiration of your peers.

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