Don’t panic – well, not too much anyway!

There is still time before the submission deadline and help is at hand. The team is on standby to answer questions on / via Twitter on: and by phone on +44 (0)208 255 2345.


We also have some interesting insights from our judges.

A while back head judge, Steve O’Donnell shared a presentation on this topic which is in our FAQ.

Earlier this week Steve Broadhead gave us a shout out on his Computer Weekly blog and also shared a quick reference of tips for awards entrants:

Skeleton guideline for vendor entries to the Tech Trailblazers Awards:


  1. Get to the point immediately as to what the company is and what it does.
  2. Try to provide reference points so the judge can understand what kind of offering it is.
  3. Avoid repetition.
  4. Avoid repetition. (Ed. OK we get it Steve J)
  5. Identify what is interesting and unique about the offering.
  6. Explain what the business benefit is for a customer in using it.
  7. Provide the best user reference cases you can.
  8. Send lots of money in a big brown envelope (used notes). (Ed. Haha Steve – British humour again gotta love it)


Trevor Pott has given an entertaining insight into how he views awards submissions and given his advice on the matter. Click here for his Completely unofficial advice to Tech Trailblazers applicants, a somewhat Monty Python-esque title for the blog post which is an enjoyable and informative view from one of our long standing judges and supporters.

I and another Tech Trailblazers’ ambassador, Jon Toigo, are sharing our experience of the industry tonight on the podcast. This will be live soon so we will update you with a link to that on social media.

Good luck to everyone entering. We know many are still planning on entering before the deadline, but if you have any problems – either with completing the entry or the application process online -let us know as soon as possible and we can sort things out for you.

By the way, submission to the awards’ tech categories entitles free entry to the Female or Male Tech Trailblazers category.

Warmest trailblazing regards, Rose

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