Frequently asked questions

What are the Tech Trailblazers Awards?

The Tech Trailblazers are an exciting awards program for tech startups under seven years old.

It’s global – Entries are welcomed from around the world, from Hawaii to Istanbul, from Finland to Australia. Innovation lives everywhere, and we’d like to hear about and reward the finest.

It’s focused on enterprise technology startups only. We are focusing on: AI, big data, blockchain, cloud, containers, developer, fintech, infosecurity, internet of things, networking, storage, sustainable tech and telecoms.

In addition, all entrants are invited to submit their senior trailblazers into the Female & Male Tech Trailblazers of the year Awards, plus organizations within the enterprise tech startup ecosystem can submit to the Diversity Trailblazers award and the Investment Trailblazers award.

Younger, pre-VC startups are also encouraged to enter as Firestarters if they are three years or younger.

The program recognizes technological and commercial innovation and entrepreneurial excellence.

How can we find out more and keep up to date?

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Throughout the awards program we will regularly update our feed, so please follow us at @techtrailblaze. You can also follow the X buzz on the hashtag #TTAwards.


Who is eligible to enter?

Enterprise tech startups that are under seven years old (based on time the company was founded) and privately funded or at C-series funding or below are eligible.

Are the awards for companies or innovations?

The Awards are given to companies, in recognition of products or services that deliver innovation in the AI, big data, blockchain, cloud, containers, developer, fintech, infosecurity, internet of things, networking, storage, sustainable tech and telecoms categories.

When do submissions open?

Entries open on 27th June 2024. Please contact for further information.

When do they close?

Entry submissions close on 20th September 2024. Please contact for further information.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be announced in winter 2024.

Will there be an awards ceremony or other event?

There is no in-person ceremony planned.

Is there a cost?

The cost is $345 per entry, subsequent entries cost $195 per entry. Early bird cost for entries is $250 for first entry and $100 for each subsequent category entered.

Early stage pre-VC funding startups can also apply for a Firestarter bursary to cover entry costs. Click here to see if you are eligible.

What is the Tech Trailblazers Firestarter bursary?

The Tech Trailblazers Tech Startup Index surveyed the funding environment for nearly 200 enterprise tech startups. 35% of those surveyed indicated that raising funds took considerably longer than anticipated and 31% said that it was considerably harder than expected. The bursary aims to ease that pressure in the early stages for a startup. It ensures that these tech firestarters get a shot at recognition with all eligible entrants three years or younger who are pre-VC funding can receive a bursary for the entry fee to the Tech Trailblazers categories that are a fit, as well as a chance to also win the new cross category early stage “Firestarter” award.

For more information on the Firestarter bursary, please contact the Tech Trailblazers team on

How do I pay for my submission?

When entering the Awards you will automatically be prompted to pay online. The system uses PayPal as the engine so you can use a PayPal account or most major credit cards. You do not need a PayPal account to pay by credit or debit card. If you encounter any issues, please contact us at

Can I enter more than one category?

As long as your innovation demonstrates a clear business benefit for customers in that category, then yes, you can enter as many categories as you like. Please make sure you upload all entries before heading to pay as this ensures you receive all multiple entry discounts. If you do not, we can refund the difference at our discretion, but it will be subject to an administration fee per extra entry submitted separately.

As a PR agency, how do I enter multiple clients?

When submitting entries on behalf of more than one client, please register a separate account for each client and submit under the client’s own profile. A unique email address is required for each login ID.

Having problems with your entry?

If you are having problems with the Tech Trailblazers online entry form, or any other area of the entry process, please contact the Tech Trailblazers team at We will respond as soon as possible and help you with your entry.

Who will judge our entry?

Exactly who will look at your entry will not be disclosed. It will include at least three of the industry experts in each category you have entered.

At present the judging panel includes:

Mohit Agrawal, Founder and Editor, Telecom Circle (@telecomcircle)

Joe Baguley, CTO EMEA, VMware (@joebaguley)

Gerald Brady, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank (@gezbrady)

Steve Broadhead, Founder and Director, Broadband-Testing Labs (@steve_broadhead)

Steve Brooks, Industry Analyst and Editor, Enterprise Times, (@steveabrooks)

Mike Burkitt, CTO, Launchpad Europe (@launchpadeurope)

Dave Cartwright, Head of IT Security, Leading financial services organization

Teresa Cottam, Founder and Chief Analyst, Telesperience (@teresacottam)

Chris Evans, Consultant and Blogger, (@chrismevans)

Ian French, Channel Guru, Mentor and Entrepreneur (@siceo)

Marty Foltyn, Hands-On Lab Program, SNIA (@MartyFoltyn)

Stephen Foskett, Founder in Chief – Gestalt IT, Organizer in Chief – Tech Field Day (@SFoskett)

Bertrand Garé, L’Informaticien (@l1formaticien)

Martin Glassborow, Blogger, Storagebod (@storagebod)

Andrew Gomarsall MBE, Chairman, n2s (@AndyGomarsall)

James Governor, Co-Founder, RedMonk (@monkchips)

Brian Honan, CEO, BH Consulting (@brianhonan)

Sam Johnston, Managing Partner, Acumino (@samj)

Ben Kepes, Principal, Diversity Limited (@benkepes)

Julian Levy, Operating Partner, Redline Capital, London (@_julianlevy)

Keri Lewis, CISO with a leading financial services company

Justin Lodge, Principal Architect – Technology & Innovation at Standard Chartered Bank (@justin_lodge)

Kai Roer, Senior Partner, The Roer Group (@kairoer)

Raj Samani, EMEA Strategy Advisor, Cloud Security Alliance (@raj_samani)

Andrew Seldon, Editor, Hi-Tech Security Solutions, TechNews (@andrewseldon)

Sarb Sembhi, Director, Consultancy Services, Incoming Thought (@sarbsembhi)

Enrico Signoretti, Senior Consultant, Juku Consulting SRL (@esignoretti)

Jennifer Steffens, CEO, IOactive (@securesun)

Dr Jacqui Taylor, CEO, FlyingBinary (@jacquitaylorfb)

Arjan Timmerman, Co-founder, Tech Unplugged (@Arjantim)

Justin Warren, Founder and principal analyst, PivotNine (@JPWarren)

Is this the final judging list?

We have a healthy bank of amazing judges now but also receive a healthy volume of amazing entries so we regularly review the judging pool and may add additional judges, if required.

How does judging take place?

Judges from our extensive pool of industry experts around the world will shortlist a number of startups in each category. 

The Awards will then be opened up to a public vote. The category judges will also vote for their favourites.

How will the public vote be conducted?

The public vote for the Tech Trailblazers Awards takes place here on our website, once the shortlists are available you can vote once in each category.

Who are the industry supporters?

Industry supporters to date include, Amoo Venture Capital Advisory, Chinaccelerator, Cloud Security Alliance, Computing, Global Entrepreneurship Week, GSMA MWC, Hippflow, ICEHOUSE, Innovation Warehouse, Launchpad Europe, LOGA Group, Skolkovo, SNIA, Startup America, Tech Field Day, The Green Grid, TiE Silicon Valley, VLAB, VMware, Wayra and Wazoku.

f you are interested in becoming a supporter, please contact Rose Ross on the Tech Trailblazers team –

Are there any media partners?

Yes! We have a growing number of high-level media partners, including BeSuccess, bnetTV, Computing, Enterprise Times, Gestalt IT, L’Informaticien, Outsource, Silicon Cape, Silicon Dragon, Startup50, Tech In Asia, The Next Silicon Valley, TechBritannia, Tech Node, The Register, ToWave and Venture Burn.

Any media outlets interested in partnering should contact our PR team, Omarketing. Vicki Porter –